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Industry Lingo

Monday, February 10, 2014

Booked - This means talent have been confirmed for a job with one of our clients. Congratulations!

Brief - A brief is a notice the casting department receives from a client. The brief is an outline of roles the client are looking to cast. This is how we know who to put forward, e.g. 4 year old girls or 10 year old boys of Asian descent. 

Call-sheet - A call-sheet will be sent to talent the day before a job, usually for film and TV. It is generally sent late in the afternoon and it will have all the details about where talent need to be, what time and what scenes need to be shot on the day. 

Call-time - A call-time is what is found on the call-sheet. It will have talent name, role, agent and what time talent will be required. 

Cancellation - Unfortunately the client, for a variety of reasons, is no longer is able or willing to proceed with the scheduled booking or shoot. 

Casting call - This means talent have been confirmed to attend a casting (meet and greet) with one of our clients to check suitability for a role they have in mind. 

Chat to camera - Usually popular in an audition for TV or film work, the client will ask talent to speak directly to the camera either saying a few lines or an introduction. This gives the client a good idea about confidence and speaking ability on film. 

Checking availability - Checking availability means that a client is interested in a child, but has not confirmed them for a job. In order to start organising the schedule, they often check to see if potential talent are available on the shoot dates.

Client -  A person or organisation using the services of Bettina Management to book talent, e.g. Target.

Fitting - A fitting is a paid job where a client requests a model to try on various outfits who meets specific sizing requirements. 

Show reel - Advanced artists usually have a show reel to 'showcase' their previous TV commercials and work they have featured in. They collate all the work together to put into one short video so a client can quickly see them acting in different scenarios. 

Member - A member is a person who is signed with Bettina Management for representation. 

On hold - On hold for a shoot or booking means that a child has been shortlisted for the role, and must be available - if required - for the shoot dates. 

Self-test - A self-test is an audition filmed from home. This must be sent to us so we can pass onto the client. All relevant details would be supplied. 

Wardrobe call - A wardrobe call is generally for film and TV. This is when you are called in to try on outfits and costumes before shooting or filming. You are paid for a wardrobe call. 

Weather check - If you are booked for a job, a client may let us know that the shoot is booked *weather permitting*. This means that the shoot will be outdoors, and they will need to check closer to the date to ensure the weather is suitable. If it isn't - the shoot will be rescheduled. 

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