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A Fool Proof Guide to AT2 - Part 2

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Essentials

Part 2 of 3

Now that we have The Basics covered, it's time to take a look at the aspects of AT2 that can significantly help or hinder your progress.


Changing clothing sizes is imperative to ensure your child is being submitted for the right jobs at all times. As soon as a clothing or shoe size changes we need you to update this on AT2. We won't know it has changed unless you tell us! And we know how fast theses things can happen, kids grow.. all the time!

In order to change the clothing size click on the tab 'Profile' and then where the tab says 'View | Edit' press 'Edit'. The screen should look like this:

image description

To get to clothing size, scroll down! Look at the arrow below for where you need to change the shoe and clothing size:

image description

It is also beneficial to call us and let us know too, so we can alter it on our internal database!


With our package on AT2 - you have the option to upload 10 additional photographs of your choice. Before we learn how to upload the images, let's make sure they are in the right format first!

> It's much easier if the image is formatted to a 'JPEG.' file If it is not already in a JPEG, go to the photograph where you have it stored and press 'Save As.' Underneath the 'File Name' there will be a drop down box for 'Save as type' as shown below. Simply make sure the 'JPEG' option is selected.

image description

Alright, now for the fun part. Follow the instructions to upload a photo:

1. Click the 'Photos' tab.
2. Where it says 'View | Edit', click 'Edit'.
3. The screen will then look like this:

image description

4. When you click 'Add New Image' this screen will pop up:

image description

5. Click 'Add Files' and find the photograph/s you are wishing to upload. You are able to upload more than one at a time which is handy and saves time!

6. After the photo uploads, the next screen will show the images one by one and have a button that says 'Auto Crop & Resize' - click that button, then press 'Submit & Finish'. All done!

NB. If you have wish to change the default picture at any time throughout the membership, please let us know first. Sometimes, if a parent puts up a photograph that is not suitable for our clients as a default without alerting us, we will not be able to submit the photograph forward to the client on account of professionalism.

Similar to the extra photographs, even if not serving the purpose of a default photo per se, the photographs can and will still be looked at by clients and casting directors alike. Some photos that look great on the fridge may not be appropriate for AT2! They should still retain an element of professionalism, despite being taken at home for fun.

Below are a few examples of appropriate and inappropriate photos for AT2.

Here are some good examples:

image description image description

It can be easy to simply stand your child in front of a wall in the house as naturally as possible and get them to show you a big smile. The clients need to see exactly what your child looks like in an everyday situation. We don't encourage fanciness and frills, clients are searching for cute and happy kids.

Now for some inappropriate examples:

image description image description image description

Despite the undoubted cuteness that radiates from each of the above photographs, things such as food, baths, not looking at the camera, being too far away and hiding the face with a hat are features that aren't ideal to be presented to the client. Also, for the older kids self taken images 'selfies' aren't necessarily appropriate either, but please check with one of the staff first.

We are always available should you require further assistance with AT2! You can email with any images for us to check or for help.

Stay tuned for Part 3! Also, if you have any questions that we have not yet covered (next part will cover videos and resumes) please let me know:

Thanks everyone!

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