"Keiden auditioned for the Missing star, first we submitted a video of her saying a few lines from Winnie the Pooh. Then a callback where she was interviewed by the director where she was shortlisted. At the final audition she was asked to act a few scenes. Keiden was very happy each time she made it through to the next stage of the audition process.
Keiden was very excited to be at the 3 consecutive days shooting of Missing Star. The funny thing was it was only when we got on set on the first day that I realised that Keiden was the main actress for the film. I sort of had an idea but I didn't think she would be because it was her first time to act in a film. Keiden totally loved being dolled up by a professional make up artist and she was at ease working with the director and the crew. They all couldn't believe that it was Keiden's first time to act infront of a camera because Keiden acted and followed directions very well, I strongly believe that the friendliness of the crew made her really comfortable. Keiden also enjoyed the plentiful breaks she had on set specially the spread of food made available for the actors and crew.


I personally would like to thank Bianca and the Bettina team for this wonderful experience. Bianca was very professional,gave clear guidance and was very patient in answering my questions as well as waiting for my responses.


Keiden was extremely happy and is really looking forward to do more projects. These days her eyes go big in excitement everytime she hears Bettina." - Kitting (Keiden's mum)

Keiden, Short Film "Missing Star"

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