“Grace and I had no idea what to expect as this was the first time we had done this. We arrived 5 minutes early at 4.40pm. The other extras and the crew were extremely friendly and helpful. Grace was put into her costume and had her hair and make up done. She had a part of a vendor girl. She looked very cute. We had dinner and then all the extras walked down to the set. It looked very realistic as much as I think that a market would look in 1880. We were taken into a big holding room downstairs and waited. We then were called to set. Grace had to sit on a stool in front of a stall. Her acting Mum, Pin, had to pretend to feed her. They filmed the scene again and again for almost 2 and a half hours. The crew and other extras were so good. They made sure Grace was comfortable and happy. It was a long shoot for a 5 year old and she became a bit grumpy towards the end as it was past her bedtime. However she got the job done and she loved it. We walked back to the trucks and Grace got changed. We were in the car by 9.30pm”

Grace, The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, THE MYSTERY OF A HANSOM CAB

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