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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bettina Management do?

Bettina Management is a premier child model and talent agency, supplying stars from 3 months to 16 years to thousands of Australian and international fashion and lifestyle brands. We provide talent for TV shows, feature films, advertisements, catalogues, productions and fashion shows from the main media hubs of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth.

You can look at examples of work in the OUR WORK section of this site or head to our FACEBOOK page for daily updates, castings and testimonials from proud parents.

How do I get my child involved?

Parents considering getting their kid(s) involved in the exciting world of entertainment can call us to book in for an information session and interview. Alternatively, complete the ONLINE APPLICATION form.

We hold personal interviews to interact with children to establish ease of engagement and unique skills. We also value this personal interview as a chance to answer any questions you have about the agency and the industry. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to represent everyone who applies. 

We recommend reading all the remaining FAQ's before submitting an application. 

What is the ‘interview’ about?

Bettina Management does not represent any talent we have not met in person. We cannot gauge suitability from photographs alone and appreciate the opportunity to interact with your child(ren) in person and also answer any questions you may have face-to-face. (It is also an opportunity for you to check us out!)

The interview takes about 20 minutes. Our experienced staff will explain what makes the industry ‘tick’, how we as an agency work and provide feedback about current opportunities within the industry.

Do you accept everyone that applies?

We are a talent agency and as such are always searching for children of all abilities and looks to fill the variety of briefs we receive.

However, we do not have the capacity to represent everyone who applies. This will not be fair for for you or us! Our longevity in the industry is attributed to our outstanding reputation with our expansive client list.

Our expertise in selecting an appropriate number of talent across all categories, ensures clients return to our agency as they know we have suitable selections for a variety of requests. Not only do we have great talent on our books, but we also have the experience to effectively handle all the necessary permits and booking logistics, making it easy for them to deal with us.

We appreciate the opportunity to meet new faces, so even if you are unsure and just want to find out more, feel free to submit an online application or call us to book an interview. 

How much can my child earn?

Rates can vary according to certain clients and different roles. Generally, Photographic and Catalogue work starts at $95 p/hour while TV Commercials, TV Series and Feature Films can start at $25 p/hour and range up to $25,000. Each job is different depending on the role or how prominently you feature, for example as an extra, featured extra, featured or a speaking role. 

Loading fees may also apply and can start at $100 and range up to $18,000. This is for additional use such as billboards, in store posters, packaging or international use and can occur weeks or even months after the job. 

Can you guarantee work?

No agency can guarantee work.  Be wary of any agency that promises they can! An agency is unable to predict the future and cannot foresee what job will present itself on any one day, no matter how experienced they are. The role of an agency is to be the mediator between the talent (you) and the client. It will always be the clients' decision to select who they would like to see for a casting, and who they would like to book for a job.

We use our expertise to select new talent based on what our clients have looked for in the past. As an agency, we focus on making sure clients continue to seek talent from us for future campaigns and part of that, is to have a healthy and varied portfolio that can be trusted and relied on to meet changing needs. 

What are the benefits of being a talent with Bettina Management?

Becoming a part of the Bettina Management agency has lots of benefits and includes:
  • Professional photographic studio session with over 50 photos taken
  • Complimentary sample photos of portfolio images
  • Chat-to-camera sessions (for kids 4 years +)
  • Mid-year 'update' photo shoot (for kids under 4 years)
  • Inclusion in the Bettina database for clients
  • Individual personal profile with secure access
  • Subscription to the Bettina Benefits program
  • 12 months exclusive representation and professional management
  • Parent help desk and on-demand updates
  • Subscriptions to all online industry casting platforms

Does it cost anything to have an interview?

No, our interview is always complimentary held with no obligations or expectations for you or for us. Our interviews are a way to share our love and knowledge of the industry combined with the forever growing passion we hold to meet new faces.

I live in Brisbane or Perth, is there much work here?

Melbourne and Sydney are home to the larger media hubs of the industry such as Myer, Target, Kmart and David Jones so we have a larger talent pool in these capital cities to accommodate the clients' needs. Work in Brisbane and Perth offers a variety of valuable opportunities working with independent and boutique clothing labels, mini-series, TV commercials, feature films, fashion parades and local attractions such as Warner Brothers Movie World In Brisbane and ongoing Government campaigns in Perth. We have a smaller talent pool in these states to ensure the demand to supply ratio is met accordingly.

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