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Bettina Management provides all members with complimentary workshops in Modelling & Deportment and Acting & Auditioning as part of their membership privileges.

We recognise that for most children entering into the entertainment industry, it may be a little daunting not knowing what to expect at castings and auditions, not to mention how they should present themselves and perform in the interview to maximise their chances of obtaining ‘the job’.

Furthermore, Bettina Management holds an extremely strong emphasis on the creative development and education of children in the various facets of the entertainment industry.  We have discovered over the years operating the child modelling agency that many children have natural and unique abilities that are often not discovered and capitalised on unless they are given the opportunity to demonstrate these talents in group participation exercises.   

It is for that reason that we have developed with the assistance of Aspire Media Group introductory courses for all members.  These fun and educational courses are designed to provide the following benefits to our young members:

  • Assist with confidence building through group activities and encouragement
  • Gain a better understanding of the entertainment industry
  • Be educated in what to expect when going to castings and auditions
  • Have the opportunity for unique talents to be recognised by our teachers
  • Be provided with an assessment of talent by our teachers and recommendations for further courses to develop their unique talent and enhance your child’s chances of obtaining the ‘big’ jobs
  • Provide the opportunity for our teachers to recognise if your child may benefit from producing a ‘show-reel’ to market your child’s unique talent to our clients.
  • Learn and develop new skills that will likely benefit your child throughout life and their future endeavours.

We are delighted to be able to offer members a refreshing approach to training utilising Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth’s Top Models, Make-up Artists, Photographers, Dancers and professional individuals as teachers to give the students complete and valuable course content.

Courses are held on weekends throughout the year. Non-members can also participate at our standard class rates. For more details and to request a copy of the course outline, please email us at or phone 1300 888611.